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Medicine for the people, by the people

Southern Humboldt cannabis collective with all-natural, sun-grown, chemical/pesticide-free, and environmentally responsible farming practices and farmers who care about their craft.

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  • Industry/Business Developments
  • Occasional humorous/inspirational posts
  • Pretty pics of our nursery, farms, and local Humboldt nature/hangouts

Join the Collective

(to make any kind of medicinal product or cultivation exchange you will need to be a valid member of our collective)

3 Simple Steps...

Step 1: Complete the form below (<1 min.)

NOTE: We care about your privacy. This information is secure and will not be shared with anyone without your express permission. 

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Step 2: Send 2 items to our email or smartphone

  1. A photo of your valid California ID
  2. A photo of your DPHS/MMPA card OR your physician's recommendation

Step 3: Review, print, & sign

Based on your membership eligibility, we will send you the appropriate forms to review and sign. Please bring these forms to our exchange or send them with your representative and we will return a copy. 


More Questions About Us?


Our Collective

We are a legally organized community of cannabis cultivators and patients.

Naturally, we value environmentally sustainable farming practices, the medicinal qualities of cannabis, and the safety of our patients. 


As long-time plant medicine growers,

we value our way of life; our privacy and protection among the ancient sequoias; and our sense of freedom and independence. We hold these values with a vice as we continue to negotiate with fluctuating local, state, and federal laws and regulations.


As patients of the plant,

we value the potency and effectiveness of our medicine. We also believe our healing shouldn't come with a list of possible harms. Cannabis can be as unique as the people who consume it and we strive to make those connections as available and convenient as possible.


If you share these values (and want some lovingly cultivated clones or flower that won't give you cancer),

we cordially invite you to join.



Tested free of pesticides and chemicals, our clones come with predator mites (IPM) and all-natural PM maintenance applied. 

All strains are tried and true and have never had hermaphroditic issues.

(Call/Email for details)



Medical-grade flower: clean, effective, and potent. 

It's been thoroughly tested for harmful pesticides, chemicals, metals, and contaminants. California doesn't have regulatory measures yet, but we collaborate with top laboratories to ensure patient safety. 

As we approach the next season, our inventory is dwindling, so hop on it ;).

(Call/Email for details)


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